The Beginning

How it started...

The story behind "brouwerij Stokhove"... an adventure.

In 2011, Jan De Waele and Levi Hogenhall became neighbours in  picturesque Waardamme, situated ln the shadow of Bruges. They quickly discovered their shared passion for beer and decided to get further involved. A voluntary part-time job in a brewery was a good step towards their own recipe for a Triple.


  Many months and many tasting sessions later, they had a recipe that was well appreciated by a tasting panel of family and friends.  But who could have imagined that they had developed the recipe of a winner?


  Jan and Levi decided to start their very own Brewery Stokhove, named after their neighbourhood in Waardamme where they reside. After achieving their brewing engineering diploma at the Brewschool of Ghent a brewery with a capacity of 200 liters was purchased enabling sales towards the local marked. Every weekend was spent brewing the Tripel.

  The brewery was small, but large enough to be noted and an invitation to the famous Bruges Beer Festival, organised by the BAB "Bruges Autonomous Beer tasters” was received. What the  gentlemen did not know was that a competition was tied to this festival.  Each participating brewery was in the run-up for the price of the best beer. After extensive tasting by 15,000 festival participants, the winner was announced…

  The demand of Waardamse Tripel exceeded by many times the brewing capacity after this unexpected victory. This lead to a problem: the beer must be brewed before it can be sold (of course),  in order to meet demands the brewers had to invest heavily in additional capacity. Both brewers decided to venture and expand the capacity of the brewery, from 200 to 1200 liters per week.

  Meanwhile, neighbour Jean Paul Proesmans was asked if he was interested to also step into the story. The Three Musketeers began a new chapter. A building was rented in Akkerstraat Waardamme and the construction of a new brewery could begin. At the end of June 2015 Jan, Levi and Jean Paul Could start brewing at their new location.

Meanwhile, the beer is now distributed allover Belgium and in the Netherlands through

Who would ever have thought; what began as a childhood dream ... would become a full-fledged craft brewery.


We wish Jan, Levi and Jean Paul every success.


Levi, Jan and Jean Paul